How to Create a Website That Is Accessible to Everyone

Creating a website that is accessible to everyone is important for many reasons. It ensures that your website can be used by people with disabilities and those who use assistive technologies. It also improves your search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX). Here are some tips on how to create an accessible website:

  1. Check your website’s colors: Think about color combinations and visual impairments when choosing colors for your site. One of the biggest issues for many users is when it comes to colors and contrast. Some visual impairments can lead to low color contrast sensitivity, which makes it tricky to see foreground and background colors when they’ve been designed poorly.

  2. Use real text: Use real text, rather than in-graphic text, with universal web fonts.

  3. Provide closed captions or transcripts of videos: Closed captions or transcripts of videos are essential for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

  4. Add all relevant tags and markers: Add all relevant tags and markers (alt-image, meta tags, HTML tags, etc.) to ensure that your website is accessible to everyone.

  5. Use clear and concise language: Use clear and concise language that is easy to understand.

  6. Make sure your website is keyboard accessible: Make sure that your website can be navigated using only a keyboard.

  7. Test your website: Test your website using accessibility tools.

Creating a website that is accessible to everyone takes time and effort, but it is worth it in the end. By following these tips, you can create a website that is designed with the user in mind and helps increase conversions and drive more sales.

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